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Patented Hardware

Capturing Timeless Memories with Our Autonomous Drones!

Revolutionize your travel escapades with our autonomous drones, capturing iconic moments effortlessly. Journey through innovation, creating memories that redefine tourism with state-of-the-art technology for lasting adventures.

360° Video Mastery: Captured on Multiple Cameras

Elevate your visual experience with our drone's multiple cameras, ensuring every angle is a masterpiece of the highest quality.

Effortless 15-Minute Video Delivery Process

Our autonomous drones swiftly capture and deliver high-quality videos, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers within 15 minutes.

Enhance aerial filming capabilities & World's First: Autonomous High-Quality Video Capture, AI Editing, and Seamless Experience

Revolutionizing video capture, our drones deliver quality footage in 15 minutes, undergo AI-based editing, and seamlessly present on our app. Pioneering autonomous video capture in India across multiple locations.




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We Build AI Futuristic Drones : Crafting Future Autonomy, Defining Cutting-Edge Technologies


Crafting Cutting-Edge Autonomous Drone Technologies

We are focused on creating drones that are more affordable, reliable, and easy to use.Pioneering smart drones with cutting-edge technology, creating the future of autonomous aerial innovation.


India's First Thread Based Delivery Mechanism

Pioneering threadable delivery in India with intelligent winch systems and smart payload boxes for seamless and efficient logistics.


India's First Smart Flight Controller Development

Pioneering the smart flight controller revolution with cutting-edge technology, introducing India's first-ever intelligent drone flight control system.

Our Mission

Localized Autonomy

Empowering local skies with our drones, we engineer autonomously powered devices enriched with cutting-edge autonomous features for seamless aerial operations.


Efficient Hardware

Experience unrivaled efficiency – 2x more efficient and - 7x greater horizontal range, all achieved with identical battery and payload capabilities.


Centeralized Autonomy

Elevate drone operations with our advanced UTM, ensuring seamless coordination for multiple drones in dynamic and complex environments.


Drone Communications Hardware

Pioneering security: crafting an anti-drone system and mid-flight communication systems for comprehensive safety in the skies.


Autonomous Skies